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​한국어 수업에 대한 우리들의 이야기

Pia Lütkehellweg:

B Class

저는 한국에 가고 싶어요. Next year i want to go to Korea to improve my Korean. One day, I’d like to be fluent in this beautiful language! My teacher is great and the online lessons are very fun!

Marilena Felouzi

B Class

Like most of girls, I first started to learn Korean because of kdrama and kpop music. After watching and watching all over again I started to fall in love with the culture and the country itself. This was my starting point to learn Korean. After I finished my first class I would love to continue learning this language, maybe one day in the future I can make it and go live there. Who knows. Regarding my experience, was very pleasant. My teacher Mr. Cho was very helpful, polite, patient and kind. And most of all professional. My main target for now at least is to go for Topik 1 exams and I really hope I can make it :D Thank you very much for your effort.

Isabelle Tsapakidi

C Class

Overall, the experience is amazing! I love learning Korean and day by day I fall in love with the language more and more. Actually, I was first introduced to the Korean language in March 2018 and from that day on a day hasn't gone by without me being in contact with this wonderful and amazing language. Every day, I either listen to Korean pop music, or watch Korean dramas or videos on YouTube or I do some studying. However, learning Korean is not easy and I make a lot of mistakes, but honestly, I really want to keep going. I would love to reach a proficient level and take the TOPIK II exams. Actually, reaching level 6 (6급) would be really nice. As far as our teacher is concerned, she is the best! I love her teaching method and she's very encouraging and patient with us! I also really like it when she talks to us about Korean culture, history, politics or how is life as a Korean or in Korea in general. Lastly, I would like to say that because of your great teachers and methods, and your evidently affordable prices, introducing and recommending PARROT Language Center to a friend is worth it 100%. To be honest I already have recommended the Language Center to some friends of mine and one of them started lessons last month and we're both super happy that she's learning Korean with you! So all in all, I hope that the Language Center gets more attention and becomes more famous among people because you're doing a great job! Thank you so much for your efforts and your excellent work!!

Marialena Shiama

B Class

I am glad i joined this course. Even though it takes a lot of effort and study just to follow the basic flow of the lesson i still enjoy it a lot and trying to become better. Both Heerap and Minsoo teachers are great at explaining things. Happy Easter!

Eve Papa

B Class

I started learning Korean for indirect work related reasons and it turned out to be my way out of this difficult period. It is a challenge due to its difficulty but since there is no judgment regarding our performance I am more than willing to continue learning even though frustration goes hand in hand with knowledge acquisition(this is a difficult language after all!).It is the first time I tried online lessons for something not directly work related and it turned out to be a very good experience. It is not a stiff and impersonal presentation but on the other hand it did not turn out to be a playground even though we were more than 20 students. This was a personal success of our teacher who used limits in a succesful way and managed to keep us on track without making us feel like a herd.He respected our differences, he let us express ourselves but he had his eyes on the outcome all the time. I am looking forward to continuing learning Korean!

Georgia Panteloglou

A Class

The teaching materials are excellent for our level. Our teacher is very helpful and his is always willing to answer our questions. I start learning Korean, because i want to learn a whole new language and learn about the civilization and culture of the country. I hope that one day i will manage to go to Korea for vacation.

Eleni Epsi

A Class

I am very happy that I have found your lessons, they are very cheap especially for what they offer! I have already shared it with two of my friends that have begun attending your classes. Korean is not an easy language, but our teacher is very encouraging and I never feel disheartened. Overall, the lessons are very enjoyable and I am content.

Nantia Vlad.

A Class

To be honest, this is my first online class. As someone who got into Korean music few (4-5) years ago, I knew nothing more except basic phrases like hello and 'I love you', as well as that I taught myself how to read and write Hangul, but this online class made me feel like I learned so much. From the grammar and vocabulary to having actual conversations. I started in March and I've been doing a lot of progress since then. The experience of this class has to be nothing but positive. Through the online classes, the teacher motivates and helps the students learn more not only about the language but the culture as well. A big plus is that the teacher, Mrs. Kim Minsoo, does the whole class in Korean and helps us getting used to listening to the language. The teaching materials, homework, and tests are very helpful and give me the chance to practice even further. 감사합니다~

Lamyaa Benrahlou

A Class

I had tried to learn Korean before using various apps, youtube videos or resources like that, but nothing has been as effective as learning with a teacher. The teaching materia provided is very good and appropriate for basic learners. The teacher is simply amazing! She is very engaging and brings a lot of energy to the class, making learning very enjoyable and interesting. I’m very satisfied with the classes and how affordable they are and with the Learning Center in general.

Koba Javakhadze

A Class

All and all I'm very happy with this course and especially with the teacher. I wouldn't mind having more reading materials (easy) to practice reading, otherwise everything is great. I learn Korean because i enjoy the challenge of learning a new, beautiful language. I would like to be able to talk and communicate in Korean and be able to travel with ease, also to find more information about their history and culture.

Edith Marie Ladermann

B Class

It was a lot of fun. The teacher and the group were amazing.

Melina Filipidou

B Class

It's been an amazing experience learning Korean so far! Since January I have made so much progress! Thank you for keeping the prices this low because otherwise I wouldn't be able to join and it would be a shame. Angela 선생님 is amazing! She practiced speaking with us since day one and avoided the use of English. This is so helpful in learning a new language and made us very confident on speaking Korean! She learned our strengths and weaknesses and kept the pace so much easier for each student!

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